Athens, Marathon

Driving along the classic “Marathon” route you will have the chance to see the ancient marble mines of Mount Penteli. The specific marble was used in the construction of the majority of the
ancient temples.

Arriving in Marathon, through the pinewoods, one can see the most important of the remaining monuments, the Marathon Tomb, 9 m in height and with a 50 m diameter, which covers the bones of the 192 Athenians who fell at the famous battle of Marathon against the invading Persian army. Legend has it that an Athenian soldier named Pheidippides, ran from the battlefield all the way into Athens in order to bring the good news. He ran all the way from Marathon to the Athenian Agora located in the city center of Athens. He collapsed and died immediately after delivering his one-word message: “Nenikikamen” (“We have won”). In memory of this great victory, the Marathon run was performed in the first modern Olympic Games in 1896 and since then it is the last event of the modern Olympic Games. Marathon is the starting point of the authentic distance of 42,195 km (roughly 26,2 miles). We will continue our tour with a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Marathon and the Prehistoric Cemetery of Vranas. Last but not least, on the way back you will have the chance to visit the inside of the Olympic Stadium Complex where the Olympic Games of 2004 were held. We will also be visiting the main Stadium, the Aquatics Center and the Indoor Sports Arena.

Half-Day Tour – Minimum Participation: 35 persons

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