“If you watch the news, you know without doubt the economic vicissitudes of Greece,” begins the article on travel site Urban Adventures. He continues by describing the problem. According to the article, a few weeks before the banks were closed (although reopened) and the ATM give only 60 euros a day as the country makes efforts back on track with a huge debt. According to the authors of the article, however, although with an initial look at the above may constitute grounds … you sit away from Greece, there is no better time to visit the country. Why; “There are discounts on hotel reservations, air tickets, a” package “holiday and the local economy can greatly benefit from the dollars of tourists.” Here, then, 10 reasons why the best time to visit to Greece is just now!


1. It’s cheap

Despite that made things worse financial crisis for the locals, has made a visit to Greece much more affordable for those travelers who think their budget, says the article. The prices of hotels are fallen and prices of flights from other European cities to Greece have also declined in recent weeks. The authors say that typically the months of July and August are the most expensive to visit Greece, but nobody can find discounts and promotions by 25% and more.


2. It is the same again Greece

The Greeks are famous for their warm hospitality and this “pulse” is still alive and active, argue the authors of the tribute. In fact one can say that in this land hospitality is more “strong” than ever. As tourism is particularly important for the development of the domestic economy, the Greeks want visitors to keep coming. You may find some sites with reduced hours or strikes, but in no case will never find anyone hostility in relation to travelers who come to experience Greece.


3. Help the recovery of the country

Tourism reaches 9% of GDP. By coming to one country helps the economy to grow at a time when Greece has so much need. It is also very important to know who will spend the money when found in Greece again according to the report. Good to support small, local, independent businesses, as well as those more than anything else struggling to survive.


4. The best things in life are free

The money is not much, but the story and the “scene” of Greece remains as beautiful as ever. The archaeological sites, the stunning beaches are still there and have not been affected by the situation in the banks. Explore the ancient history of the city and visit the emblematic Acropolis or escape from the city and Sail the Aegean. These are choices that always brought travelers in Greece and it will continue to do whatever is happening with the banks referred to in Article.


5. The crisis is not new

Economic headaches are nothing new for Greece said the initiators of the article. And so, despite the fact that the economic problems of the country were on the front pages of the forms of the world, the reality is that this is an old problem that will have a minimal impact on your visit. Nevertheless, the fact that banks reopened recently and with withdrawal limit should make you have your cash and not … contact the ATM. The specific transaction way, indeed, it is appropriate in some companies facing problems with the banking insecurity writes article.


6. Greece is safer than you think

Indeed, they may happen some, political protests, but this is not something new for Greece – and Europe in general. It is not uncommon in many European cities marked marches or protests. They are going to events mostly peacefully, even if presented many times on evening news other images. Even, however, if you feel insecure, according to the article, the local hotels know when planned specific type of events and can tell you. There are no negative travel advice for Greece from Canada, Australia, the US or the UK, says the report.


7. You can get more euros

Travellers who come to Greece from the US and UK at this time is lucky because the US dollar or the British pound can “buy” more euros than before, so the trip to Greece or other countries Monetary Union almost … imposed could say. And as for visitors from Canada or Australia, may not benefit as much, however, have again benefit says the initiator of the article.


8. It is the time of Festival

Can the summer and is the middle and towards the end … of the festival period, however, still exists, says the report. Music, theater, dance are part of the events taking place both on the mainland and in the islands of Greece. And what better way to “embrace” one of Greek culture from a party with the locals who really need a reason to have fun and escape?


9. The Greek food

Souvlaki, dolmades, moussaka, olives, feta, baklava … The Greek cuisine will our “invite” always come to this Mediterranean country, and those wonderful seafood dishes one can enjoy the best when the weather is warm and sunny.


10. You can join us

Okay, okay, we may be a little biased on this point, said the responsible tourism blog, but we organize tours to the city of Athens has long passed and have daily flights. also get a literal taste of the city on a gastronomic tour, or explore the ancient monuments and the local market with a local who knows better than anyone the “inside”, the “outside” and all the secrets of the oldest city in Europe.



Greece in first place of the best countries in the world for 2016

According to Readers’ Travel Awards of the CNT, our country is emerging as the favorite for the majority of the magazine’s readers from around the world

The best country in the world in 2016 is Greece according to the readers of the largest travel magazine in the world, Conde Nast Traveller.

According to Readers’ Travel Awards of the CNT, our country is emerging as the favorite place for the majority of the magazine’s readers from around the world, as shown in the first position of the ranking of the best countries in the world.

Please see the list:

1. Greece

2. Italy

3. US

4. N. Africa

5. France

6. Spain

7. India

8. Australia

9. Thailand

10. Mexico